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Welcome to the
​Pacific Palisades AA Workshop

If you are a NEWCOMER, receiving a CHIP, or celebrating a BIRTHDAY let the host know by text, in the Zoom chat window.

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Please donate to the 7th tradition with
Venmo or on
AA is struggling to get donations due to Covid-19
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To access the meeting without
having to remember the zoom Id#
simply click the zoom link in
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Today's speaker will be available on the website later today, get access to their talk as well as a library of other speakers for a small donation!
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Anyone Looking for a sponsor please use
the contact form on:
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If you have questions for the speaker today, please send them to the host via chat. They will be read out loud and answered by the speaker.
Thank you!

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Unfortunately, due to heightened security, and to protect meeting participants; mics will be muted before the meeting. We welcome you to stay after the meeting to communicate with each other, at that time security restrictions will be less restrictive.

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